BDCHAIN ​​presents the perfect logistics solution for industries, shippers and carriers. We have developed a complete system for storage, freight and fleet management.
We follow the entire logistics process and take care of each step as if the cargo were ours, from the collection to the delivery, from the moment it leaves the shipper until the arrival to the final client. Our solution is modern and flexible.
Our focus is to integrate each stage of the logistics flow in real time, generating greater efficiency in the total route.
  • – Reduce the cost of your company’s logistics operations efficiently: through an Android phone, we optimize routes for drivers and we can track the fleet all the way, which can be monitored by the industry, shipper or driver at any time. And through our Web Portal, all flow control remains registered online, in an integrated and effective way.
  • – Achieve your goal: our solution is aimed at companies from small to large, regardless of the area of ​​operation, that own fleets or outsourced. The BDCHAIN ​​system integrates all logistics processes, including the commercial, operational, financial and fiscal sectors.
  • – BDCHAIN ​​solution: our complete software includes tracker, TMS, CRM, CT-e issuance, flow control and more, monitoring costs and facilitating management of the entire logistics chain.

Need a specific logistics solution? No problem, we have developed for your company!

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