Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



The entire CRM provided by BDCHAIN is based on the funnel methodology. It presents in a simple way all the sales flow, professionals, goals, projects and clients involved. Fully integrated with the other tools available in BDCHAIN software, CRM streamlines decision making, attracts new customers and empowers existing customers.

It is essential for every business, especially in times of crisis. Close more deals in less time with the most cost-effective solution on the market! It does not require per-user licenses and can be installed across your enterprise on as many computers as you want.

All presented in a friendly, intuitive interface with statistical performance reports, goals, multichannel communication and workflow automation.


Lots of benefits for your company to be able to sell more and better:
  • Funnel management

    O Funil de Vendas é uma metodologia consagrada formada por um conjunto de etapas e gatilhos que visam agilizar todo o processo de venda. O Funil torna todo processo previsível e escalável, facilitando a tomada de decisão relacionada ao planejamento e estrutura da aquisição de clientes. The Sales Funnel is a consecrated methodology formed by a set of steps and triggers that aim to streamline the entire sales process. Funil makes every process predictable and scalable, facilitating decision-making related to the planning and structure of customer acquisition.

  • Workflow Automation

    The entire sales flow is graphically presented in an intuitive interface, where each step is represented by a block in the sales flow diagram.

  • Multichannel Communication

    Always be in touch with the customer! Through email, phone, social networks, your company goes hand in hand with the customer. Never miss an opportunity and quickly identify failures that would go undetected.

  • Sales Performance

    Manage all sales performance through reports, compare costs with profit made from sales, taking into account all factors involved, including advertising, raw material and input costs.

  • Alerts and Notifications

    Quickly view overdue, late, or unassigned activities. Create alert profiles and increase sales team performance.

Optimize your company's logistics

  • Funnel management

    Funnel management

  • Retail Logistics

    Retail Logistics

  • Oil & Gas Logistics

    Oil & Gas Logistics

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