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Our Supply Chain solution is focused on specific solutions for each customer. Our team is prepared to solve each situation.

We do not force the customer to buy ready-made and "embedded" software, we allow flexibility and specific adjustments according to the needs of each company.

Our focus is the integration of the whole logistics chain in an organized way. We supervise every stage of the company's flow, besides integrating all the operational part, optimizing time, labor and costs throughout the operation.

Cutting edge technology

We follow an ongoing process of exchanging information with the customer.

  • We use the best technologies available to keep your company ahead of the competition.
  • Our solutions are very intuitive and require little staff training.
  • We use the same encryption used by banks to keep your company data secure.


  • Smart optimization

    Smart optimization

    BDCHAIN allows you to identify which sectors of the business are lagging behind, making it possible to re-evaluate and align them with the rest of the flow, achieving greater positive results and avoiding competition.

  • Web Management

    Web Management

    Our solution is very flexible, the logistics flow management can be done through our Web Portal.

  • Flexible solution

    Flexible solution

    You can also import ready-made files and spreadsheets to the software. Everything is integrated in a simple, efficient and functional way.

  • Commitment to your team

    Commitment to your team

    We work in partnership with the team of your company for the success of all logistics management.


We present an efficient solution so that your company can aggregate competent suppliers, calculate demand forecast, plan raw material purchases in advance, reduce inventory, evaluate the best cost-benefit among carriers, employees and partners, invest in infrastructure, constantly analyze capacity evaluate deadlines and delivery times, among other factors.
All of these topics directly reflect to maximize the results of your company and make it market leader.

  • Customized solutions for each client.
  • We allow flexibility in software.
  • Web, desktop and mobile interface.
  • Integration of the whole logistics chain in an organized way.
  • Optimize time and resources throughout the operation.
  • Reduce costs and maximize the results of your company.

Get to know the BDCHAIN and modernize all the logistics management of your company.

We provide the most complete SUPPLY CHAIN software on the market at the lowest price. We walk along with the growth of your company and we maintain a lasting partnership.

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