POD (Proof of Delivery) & TMS



BDCHAIN ​​POD is an open platform designed to enable the Vendor to share their deliveries with Shippers, Carriers and Drivers. The distribution of assignments is done by uploading CSV files in the BDCHAIN ​​POD Web Portal. Shippers and Carriers may re-assign deliveries to other Companies or assign them to Drivers. These Drivers receive the assignments through an Android application, where they can take actions according to the flow of the delivery. The entire process is managed by the Web Portal with details of each "delivery leg", Companies and Drivers involved, including status transitions, occurrences, delays and map tracking. All these features in a single solution provided as a Software as Service (SaaS) service, where you pay only for what you use. It is constantly updated and you can cancel whenever you want!

The System is very flexible and allows a wide range of combinations. Among them, a basic example of use below follows:

The Vendor or a Shipper / Carrier authorized by the Vendor uploads all deliveries to the Web Portal.
The upload contains all the information about each delivery (date / time of collection, place of delivery, products, note, etc). Optionally, the file may already contain assignments for other Companies / Drivers.
Once uploaded, the Company can create new assignments for other Companies / Drivers, where each assignment is a new "delivery leg".
The Company responsible for the "leg" receives an email indicating that there is a new assignment to it and logs into the Web Portal.
The company can then create another assignment for a Driver.
If the Driver does not use our Android application, you can upload the file of "status changes" indicating the date / time that was collected, the date / time that was delivered, among others.
The Portal presents the date and time of arrival at the Collection and Delivery Points, which products have been confirmed, refusals, delays, route traveled, drivers involved, and other delivery status details. Thus, deliveries are quickly distributed among those responsible and the entire flow is easily monitored.

For example, a Shipper can upload files on behalf of the Vendor's and specify assignments of this cargo directly to multiple carriers and drivers. With each new delivery requested, all companies involved receive an email notification and can access the website to get all the detailed information.

The Driver also receives the email notification, however, viewing all of his detailed delivery schedule through the Mobile Application, installed on his Android phone. Upon delivery, the Driver can easily specify the delivered or refused products, indicating the reason for the refusal. It may also include the scanned signature of the person responsible for receiving or refusing delivery. The system monitors the entire route performed by the driver. All very simple and intuitive.

With BDCHAIN ​​POD, the entire flow of deliveries is monitored from the moment the cargo is collected until arrival at the final destination. Our system reduces bureaucracy, avoids disorganized spreadsheets, administrative errors, deviations and losses. We record every detail of the operation until the arrival to the final customer. All the companies involved in the pick up and delivery of the merchandise accompany each stage of the journey and all changes of status and geo-positioning in real time!

And the best: Only the Vendor or the contracting Company pays for the use of the service. Use is free for all other companies and drivers involved in deliveries.
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Constantly up-to-date, BDCHAIN POD takes your business to the next level where competitors do not.
  • Complete management reports of deliveries between Suppliers, Shippers, Carriers and Drivers.
  • Automated system with assignment of deliveries, access to information and checking of updated data in real time, making logistics management efficient and accurate.
  • Right and safe route. Map monitoring system including: route traveled for a delivery, route traveled by a particular truck on a specific day, status change locations, point of collection / delivery point.
  • The driver records each detail at the points of collection and delivery of the cargo, such as date, time, geographical coordinates and scanned signature.
  • Control of the driver's journey. The entire course of the driver is monitored and archived in the system
  • Records of occurrences and returns.
  • Push notification to customer's cell phone and driver.
  • Control of the stop time for each collect and delivery.
  • Exchange of messages and files between companies and drivers involved.
  • Deliveries Calendar
  • Cargo routing with route optimization and automatic sorting of collects and deliveries.
  • Our system reduces costs, avoids delays and unforeseen events in the logistics chain.
  • No additional equipment is required on the truck. Just a Smartphone.
  • Real-time information for your customers.
  • All to streamline logistics management and customer loyalty.

Ideal solution for small to large companies

  • E-Commerce


  • Industry


  • Distributors


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