BDCHAIN introduces the most complete Supply Chain software solution on the market. We integrate the management of the entire logistics flow for industries, shippers, carriers or autonomous drivers.

We have developed a complete system for storage, freight and fleet management. Our system monitors each step of the logistic flow in real time, tracking the load from collection to delivery, ensuring absolute control and greater efficiency in the total path.

We identify possible failures in the logistics chain of your company and indicate the appropriate solution. We evaluate your reality and specific needs, considering the least cost-benefit for your company.

With the implementation of our solution, we provide technical advice to the company. Although our system is very intuitive, we offer training to employees, guiding and clarifying possible doubts.
  • Reduce the costs of your company's logistics operation.
  • We optimize routes for drivers.
  • We track your fleet in real time.
  • We allow the monitoring of the flow by the industry, shipper or carrier in all the way.
  • All flow control remains registered.
  • The history is recorded in an integrated and efficient way.
  • Keep track of operating costs and improve the productivity of the entire logistics process.
  • Hit your goal.
Our solution is aimed to companies from small to large, regardless of the area of operation, that own fleets or outsourced. BDCHAIN system integrates all logistics processes, including the commercial, operational, financial and fiscal sectors.

Practical and efficient solution

Integrated system, monitored and automated.

Our system features a user-friendly, intuitive interface with statistical performance reports, goals, multichannel communication and workflow automation. The resources are presented in a didactic and simple way, so that all employees of the company can use BDCHAIN with practicality.

Simplify all the logistical management of your company. Our solution integrates at TMS and CRM software, controlling the costs and improving the productivity of the whole process, besides including the emission of the CT-e (Knowledge of Electronic Transport-Brazil).

Why choose BDCHAIN?

  • Real-time decision

    We monitor the Cargo upon delivery, keeping punctuality. We align all the communication allowing the management and control of all logistic flow in real time, in a simple, efficient and fully integrated manner. In addition to reducing operating costs throughout the logistics process of the operation.

  • Increase productivity and control costs

    Through our Web Portal, the control of the entire logistic flow remains registered online. It allows to follow the delivery, integrating shipper and transporter with the other logistics stages. Increase productivity by controlling the costs of the entire operation.


Our Solution

Manage the entire logistic flow

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